Ambassador Club de Cannes

Cannes' Ambassador Club

International Ambassador Club


L'Ambassador Club was established in Switzerland in 1956, it has been developed overtime worldwide. It now has 4.000 members in 26 countries with a hundred in France.

The Ambassador Club 

. Is an international, politically and religiously neutral

. Brings together women and men who perform the most diverse professions.

. Engages in humanitarian ideology.

. Consists of an international club, national clubs and many regional clubs, each with a committee.

. Provides its members with a global network.


. Respect the dignity and human freedom, practice of tolerance, have the courage of their convictions and are willing to take responsibility for the good of the community.

. Undertake, too the extent to their ability towards understanding among peoples.

. Encourage each other through varied joint events, a relationship based on friendship.

. Support their advice and actions.

. Use network with their contacts

. Each regional club undertakes in the social and cultural fields.

. Meet together, in general, at least once or twice a month.

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